Friday, August 31, 2007

Se7en=Passion (hes awesome, he dances sparkly hes like a korean rap version of myv lol XD )

Irritiation=Bad mood : /


so basically...
i feel like raving! :3
glowstickies @.@
and erm >w< g eregrre0gereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepugrepuugre9iu9igre9uoiofsdisdkovghepofhef!!!
im peed cause, everyone has something to do this friday but me -_-; well, all accept a few friends, but they just plan to get stoned, and thats not really my scene so : /
i've been listening to french rap O.o it scares me XD
school is great n_n luvers meh new classes >3 accept some of the people -_- ::cough most::
sucks i have to be a half year behind everyone -_-; and the rest are graduating this year=oh noes=sadness=because kk is left behind=i can't get the hell out of here for another year. ;_;
and and, the new freshman class is terrible T_x; they lit random shiz on fire today O.o; and we have to have cops monitor them during lunch just so they won't fight with the upper class men, but damn theres so many of them O_O;;
people here keep getting dumber and dumber -_-; im starting to get extremely irritated. LEARN TO SPELL A LITTLE DECENT! ;_; PLEASE! its insulting -_x; but yet they bag people from other countries all the time,(our foreign exchange students) because they have 'accents' XD
unless your from england of course ::rolls eyes::
i've almost had it xx;
I ended up confessing alot of stuff to my therapist.
Shes mad because I havn't seen her in a while.
I guess one of my brother's friends, some kid at my school
Courtlin or whatever, hit this guy on the head with a marcetti, and thankfully the dood is still alive, what a stupid dumb ass, he tried stealing stuff i guess -_-;
someone also planted 3 bombs in 3 different public places a few weeks ago, luckily no one was injured.One of my friends ALMOST was though >w< thank god...
Basically the kids at my school are messed up crack addicted morons that need to grow a brain cell,instead of smoking them all out. and giving eachother STDS -_x; Sex is overrated D: but even if they grew like half or something ....I beg you god! if it was just one, i would be thankful.::cries:: people need to be punished THE WORLD IS SICK! lets heal it! n_n